Industry-focused webinar Nov 16 sign up info

01 Nov 2022

The Weston Family Foundation’s $33 million Homegrown Innovation Challenge, delivered over six years, supports the development of bold, game-changing solutions that will enable Canadian producers to sustainably extend the growing season of berries.

Please join us on November 16 from 1 to 4pm ET for an industry-focused webinar—specifically for farmers, producers, and growers—to discuss the Weston Family Foundation’s Homegrown Innovation Challenge (HGC). Sign up here.

In this webinar (conducted in both English and French) we will focus on the Shepherd Phase, and discuss the Challenge structure, eligibility, and objectives.

There will also be a Q&A session with the Weston Family Foundation team, including Dr. Jeffrey Coull, Head of Strategic Initiatives, and Dr. Lukasz Aleksandrowicz, Program Manager, HGC.

The deadline for the Shepherd phase applications is December 20, 2022 when the door closes to new applicants. Until then, we are actively soliciting more individuals and teams to sign on: there are few boundaries to the potential innovations welcomed to the table.

See the “How to apply” page for more details:

Fine print: $33 million is the total sum of funding. 10 teams in the Shepherd Phase will receive $1 million each, and the team that progresses through all Challenge phases and ultimately claims the final awards could receive up to $8 million in funding to develop and scale their innovation.