Recording and materials available from fifth webinar

29 Nov 2022

Thanks to everyone who participated in our fifth webinar on November 16; this webinar was industry-focused, specifically for farmers, producers, and growers. We’ve posted a video recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel. Check it out to hear Dr. Jeff Coull and Dr. Lukasz Aleksandrowicz share important information on applying to the Homegrown Innovation Challenge and answer questions asked during the webinar.

You can also download the bilingual presentation slides here. 

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you have questions, need additional information regarding the Challenge, or if you have gaps in your team and need support. You can email us at The deadline for our next round of funding is December 20, 2022 at 12pm ET. Remember, this is the last chance to get an application in for the Homegrown Innovation Challenge.