Our partners

Design and implementation partners for the Homegrown Innovation Challenge

The Homegrown Innovation Challenge is an initiative funded and delivered by the Weston Family Foundation.

The Foundation invests in innovation and learning to deliver measurable impacts for the well-being of Canadians. Taking a collaborative approach to philanthropy, it funds forward-thinking organizations to advance Canada and create lasting benefits. The Foundation has two focus areas it supports — Healthy Aging and Healthy Ecosystems — and applies a spark, shepherd, scaling approach to ensure the best ideas have the best chance of success. It also supports a number of diverse nation-building projects that contribute to a vibrant and resilient Canada. Since its creation more than 60 years ago, the Foundation has donated $475 million to non-profit organizations and research institutions, making it one of the largest private foundations in the country.

Challenge Works, formerly known as Nesta Challenges, co-designed the Homegrown Innovation Challenge with the Weston Family Foundation in 2021.

Challenge Works is based in London, United Kingdom. It was launched in 2012 to increase understanding and practical evidence about challenge prizes as an innovation method to encourage more governments, charities and businesses to use competitions to make a tangible, positive impact on society. Challenge prizes are not just effective at changing how things are done in the short-term but can also be used to help solve long-term social issues. Challenge Works’ ongoing work continues to focus on developing challenge prizes that excite and engage the brightest minds to solve problems, so that solutions to societal issues are found faster.